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Martin Pope: background and experience

I have had a long and varied professional life that has included:

  • Twenty five years as a teacher and senior leader in schools
  • Two secondary headships; OFSTED inspection; IQM work and advisory roles
  • Non-Executive Director of a PCT
  • Principal Education Adviser to Kier Construction
  • Provider of counselling and support to a range of schools and care organisations
  • A highly regarded and recognised private therapist and meditation teacher



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   Martin Pope



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Everybody faces difficult periods in life. It is often very helpful to talk things through. I am trained in a range of therapies, including CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. My approach is an integrated one, which means that my work with clients is individually tailored to their needs. Sometimes, problems may lie in the past and it is worthwhile revisiting painful times to be able to resolve how we feel and move on. For some clients, the problems centre on their family or a relationship issue and it is useful to explore feelings and options. For many of my clients, stress and anxiety are causing problems and I can suggest strategies and techniques to handle this. Whatever approach is called for, I base my work on the "core conditions" of creating a comfortable rapport; my own "congruence" and calm manner; never judging and seeking to understand my clients and feeling an empathy with them. I am bound by the ethical codes of BACP as well as my own Buddhist principles and professional reputation. As well as being highly qualified as a therapist, I have a wealth of professional and life experience that informs my work.