• How do I get in touch? You can either complete a contact form on this site or ring me on my mobile number: 07771 693602.
  • How much does the first session cost? The initial consultation over the telephone or face to face of around half an hour is free and is a chance to decide if you want to continue with a first session. The vast majority of people decide to stay and make this into a first session at the normal charge.
  • How many sessions will I need? It all depends on what the problem is. Most clients come for 6 to 8 sessions.
  • How much does it cost? ​I charge £40 per session which can be reduced to £30 for students and those on low incomes.
  • What age of clients do you work with? I have worked with clients from 11 to 87 years of age to date. I am very experienced in working with young people and with adults of all ages.
  • Can I get my work or school to pay for sessions? Most schools and some work places will happily pay for sessions.
  • Who will I see when I come? You will be welcomed at the door by myself and will not see anybody else. Your visit is completely private.
  • Is what I say completely confidential? Absolutely - except in very rare circumstances if a client is actively planning to end his/her own life or somebody else's. I am legally and ethically bound to work with a client to avoid this.
  • Will it work? The honest answer is that the vast majority of people who really want to feel better and who engage with therapy benefit from it; but there can be no guarantees of success. The fact that a person plucks up the courage to attend a session usually means that they are motivated to make it work.
  • Will attending sessions be on my medical record? ​No. It is private and confidential.


   Martin Pope

​​  MTP